Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Summer in Paducah

It took a lot of strength not to put a nasty adjective in front of that city in the title. I'm trying (and failing a lot) to make the best of it. So here's what we've been up to this summer.

There's an above ground pool where we live, and the kids, especially Avery love it. It's nice to be able to walk to the pool.

I signed Avery up for swim lessons. She did so well. I'm so proud of what she has learned how to do in the pool these past few summers. If only I could get Colt interested in lessons.

In June Metropolis had its Superman Celebration. It was a really fun event. I kept reading how Dean Cain would be there, but we found out when we got there pictures with him were $50. This nice Superman was free, and the kids didn't know the difference.

We are still really enjoying our church, and I'm so thankful for an awesome place to worship and take the kids. It's really been a bright spot in this dark city.

The kids went to VBS a few weeks ago. The theme was Galactic Starveyors. They learned all the songs and dances, and got to perform for us on Friday night. What a great week. One day they called and said Colt had hurt his finger. I went to pick him up and he was crying with that visor on. I couldn't handle the cuteness.

The kids and I went to Birmingham for a few days at the end of June. We had so much fun. My mom and I took the kids to Railroad Park, Vulcan, and Savages. We all went to Alabama Splash Adventure one day and had a blast. I took Avery to get a haircut, go roller skating for the first time, and to Steel City Pops. We also found the Birmingham sign and quickly found out the restaurant it's on isn't quite as kid friendly as we thought. What a fun week in my hometown.

For the 4th of July we went to St. Louis. I have been wanting to go there since we lived here in 2009. Monday was amazing. We went to this awesome restaurant, Blues City Deli, then we found some tickets to the Cardinals game that night. We sat in the BrewHouse across the street from the stadium and had so much fun. Tuesday started out fun with going to see the Arch. It's really amazing. Then we went to this fair that turned out to be a dud. Both Daniel and I said that St. Louis reminded us of 8 mile in Detroit. It was scary. The game and the Arch were awesome, but other than that I wasn't impressed with St. Louis. 

Still in Paducah. Still waiting to go somewhere else. Trying to stay positive. Thankful for this time with Daniel and the kids. Hopeful for the future. Get here fast, future.

Beach Vacation

Back in May we went to Panama City Beach. A perk of homeschool is going on vacation before the crowds hit. It was marvelous. It was sunny everyday, not too hot, and not crowded at all.

View from the balcony. They were ready to get to the beach the minute we got there.

I'm so glad both kids love the sand and the ocean. They had a ball, and the water was perfect!

We went to the pool a couple times. My little fish (Avery) loves swimming more than anything. Colt likes it as long as his face doesn't get wet.

They also love the sand. By the end of the week I thought if I had to build one more sand castle I would chew my arm off just to get out of doing it. Sorry the pictures are patience to learn how to fix that.

There must have been a parasailing place close to where we were. We saw them go by all day long.

Another sideways picture. This is our favorite restaurant, and once again, it didn't disappoint. If only we could get the kids to eat seafood.

Daniel took the kids to do something I would never do...get airbrushed tshirts. The kids absolutely love them. I admit they are cute, but they are a little high maintenance if you want them to last.

The kids had a blast at the beach. Beach trips look much different when you have kids, and I'll admit I was ready to go home at the end of the week. But all that matters is we got to spend a week together, and the kids had fun. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Highlights of Spring

I've been neglecting my blog lately. About a month ago we bought a camper, and there's no wifi in it...that's my excuse. But so many blog-worthy events have occurred, so I'll hit the important stuff.

Colt turned 4!! Can't believe my baby is a big boy! We celebrated at my most least favorite place, Chuckee Cheese's. The kids had fun. We had a little taco night at home and a dinosaur birthday cake. And of course, Peppas.

The kids went fishing with Daniel, and Avery caught this all by herself! Colt's not impressed...

In March the kids went to their first wedding...their cousin Brittany got married to Ryan. They danced the night away!!

Avery lost her first tooth!! What a big milestone for my sweet girl! She was beyond excited about her three quarters, and that made my heart happy. No $20 teeth around here. She has since lost another tooth! 

We didn't think we'd see snow this year, but the day after we got home from the wedding, it snowed pretty good. We had a blast! Colt was not a happy camper when I made him come inside.

At the end of March we went home for a few days, and Meme came to visit. We went to Marcy Jo's and had a delicious breakfast, including the most amazing cinnamon roll appetizer. I'm drooling thinking about it...

We got back to Paducah and turned around and drove to Louisville to pick up our camper! We are so excited and relieved to finally have our own place. It even has an awesome bunk room for the kids. They enjoyed swimming at the hotel. We also happened to be eating out the night Kentucky was playing in the Final Four. It was pretty crazy...then they lost.

We went to Emmery's fifth birthday party, and I snapped this picture of the cutest little girl I've ever seen. 

Easter week was fun. We talked about Jesus's final week a lot and made these yummy resurrection rolls to illustrate Jesus rising from the dead. We went to an Easter egg hunt in Paducah and had an awesome Easter service at our church. 

Then the you-know-what started hitting the fan around here. I let my guard down and let the kids play with Emmery unsupervised. Bad idea...she and Avery were running around the outside of the trampoline and Emmery pushed Avery off. Avery hit the back of her head on a metal stake, and we got to take our first real trip to the ER. She had a pretty deep cut and got 3 stitches. It makes me sick to think what could have happened.

 Less than a week later, on Avery's 6th birthday, Harold's cat wouldn't get out of our camper. Avery picked her up and toted her out about 3 times before the cat got fed up and bit her. We didn't know if the cat has rabies, so we went to the doctor, got an antibiotic, and the Animal Control came and got the cat. That's a pretty scary feeling. Thank goodness we could get the cat so she didn't have to get the rabies shots. We got an all clear yesterday. What a relief!

What a way to spend your birthday.

She picked IHOP for her birthday dinner. It was pretty good, but Avery ate like a bird, as usual.

A few days later we celebrated with the family. I don't know where the time went...she was just a baby!!

Stitches came out and the wound looks great! Thankful for the kind, gentle doctors we had. The ER bill will not be so gentle...

Sunday was super rainy and windy, so I went to church by myself. I told Daniel to cut Colt's hair and jokingly said, "Scalp him." I tell that to everyone who cuts his hair. Obviously I don't mean it. Daniel thought I did...I cried. Colt cried. But it will grow.

I'm over Paducah and this farm, but I'm excited for summer, and hopefully we'll get to go somewhere cool soon.